A grand landing at your wedding reception

Getting married in a helicopter

Marriage proposal


Highlight your wedding or anniversary with an open sky adventure! Our helicopters will provide you with an intimate experience that is both exciting and expansive. We assure you, these breathtaking views are worthy of your eternal love!

Our custom flights are no more expensive than our ready-to-fly excursions. So, personalize your tour and help us make your wildest dreams come true on your big day! From a photoshoot at the top of Mont des Morios to a proposal in the middle of the sky, your wish is our command!
A helicopter ride can also be directly integrated into a wedding or other ceremony.

In addition to our custom flights services, we offer adventure packages. This carefully designed series of memorable tours pair a helicopter ride with a recreational activity. Let us take care of the planning and choose the adventure package that suits you!

Marriage proposal

A grand landing at your wedding reception

Getting married in a helicopter


Do you need to get somewhere quickly and in style? With our custom flights service you can charter our helicopters for your personal use. We guarantee that our helicopters will project the image of high-class professionalism you desire!

Create beautiful memories

Infinite destination possibilities to surprise your loved ones with

A smile that says it all


Looking to make your loved one’s special day extra special? Our helicopter rides can be customized to make your celebration unique and unforgettable. Let a ride-in-the-sky be the key to your big birthday surprise!

Give wings to your communications team

Simplify the logistics of getting around

Show your business partners how important they are to you


Charter our helicopters for your festival and take advantage of our continuous or prescheduled flight service. Offer your guests of honor, partners, team or festival goers an exceptional experience!


Professionalism is always important for corporate events, but so is the “wow” factor! Our helicopter services will provide you with both. Let our experienced team help you design and carry-out an impeccable and memorable outing!

Discover the world with your group

Discover the world with your group

Discover with Héli-Charlevoix

Make a grand entry with your group


Héli-Charlevoix offers custom helicopter flights for groups. We will tailor your flight service to the size of the group choosing from our different helicopter models (3, 5 or 6 passengers). You may either reserve multiple helicopters to experience spectacular aerial views of Charlevoix all together; or, reserve one aircraft and do consecutive rides in smaller groups. For the second format, we recommend you take-off from the Laiterie Charlevoix. While some members of the group go on their helicopter tour, the rest will take a guided tour of the cheese factory and do a tasting of Charlevoix’s excellent local products. What better way to wait for your flight?!

Special rates are available depending on the size of your group.


The helicopter is the most versatile and efficient means of transport to capture unique images from the sky. The experience of our pilots greatly helps the film crew by maneuvering with great stability and positioning the helicopter in such a way as to maximize the quality of the shots. The helicopter is also the ideal tool for transporting teams to hard-to-reach places. Our vast mountainous and wild territory is the place of choice for exceptional shots. Héli-Charlevoix takes you to the most beautiful places. Do not hesitate to submit your filming plans and your planned dates as soon as possible to reserve our device.

Vue de ferme Charlevoix

Caroline Perron photographe


Whether it is for taking aerial photos of the Charlevoix region, for photographing your property, your construction site or for capturing a precious moment from the air, our aircraft offer exceptional stability and flexibility.

Our experienced pilots can allow you to land in places almost inaccessible otherwise, to fly over breathtaking landscapes and to see them from different angles during the same session.

We also offer excursions and adventure packages, in addition to tailor-made services! You might find a circuit already ready to be photographed!


Whether transporting equipment or passengers in isolated areas (eg fishing, hunting, etc.) or patrolling power lines, Héli-Charlevoix pilots will help you save time and money helping you stay focused on your work and profitability goals. Using a helicopter to work in a mountainous region or wild areas as far as the eye can see is a decision to work efficiently.

Our aircraft may be available outside of regular business hours. Do not hesitate to submit your work schedules and reserve our aircraft to accomplish your various mandates.

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