How many people that can go on one helicopter?
The maximum number of passengers per flight is three: one in the front and two in the back. Children under two may sit on an adult’s lap and are not included in the number of passenger on board. If your party is greater than three, we will split you into smaller groups of two or three. For example, a family of two parents and three children would be divided as follows: one parent with two children on the first flight and the other parent with the third child on the second flight. Since there would be an empty seat on the second flight, a lucky family member could go on the tour twice!
Can I go on a helicopter tour by myself?
Each flight must have two paid seats. Therefore, if you are willing to pay for two seats, we will be able to take you on a tour alone.
Is there a minimum age for helicopter passengers?
No, there is no minimum ago. Children under two must sit on an adult’s lap for security purposes.
Do you have a reduced fare for children?
The prices that we offer are per seat. If your child is under two, she or he does not occupy a seat and therefore flies for free. However, children over two years old pay full fare because they must have their own seat with seatbelt.
Is there a maximum age for helicopter?
There is no age limit, unless the passenger is not allowed to fly for medical reasons.
Is there a weight limit for passengers to board the aircraft?
Yes, for security reasons, our aircrafts cannot accommodate passengers who weigh more than 300 pounds (136 kg). If in doubt, a staff member may ask you to weigh yourself prior to flying.
Are your helicopter tours accessible for people with reduced mobility?
Absolutely! Please notify our staff ahead of time so that we may customize our service to your specific mobility needs.
Are helicopters dangerous?
Helicopters are a very safe mode of transportation and at Héli-Charlevoix safety is always our top priority.
Are helicopter rides "bumpy"?
No. Most passengers who fly on our helicopters for the first time are surprised by how smooth their flights are. Helicopters are more stable than airplanes and our skillful pilots will ensure that your flight is as smooth and comfortable as possible.
In flight, will there be turbulence?
Depending on the weather conditions, turbulence may be felt in any aircraft. However, since helicopters are much more stable that airplanes, any turbulence will be minimised. Also, it is important to note that even if there is some turbulence, it will not compromise the security of the flight.
I’m prone to getting vertigo. How bad is vertigo on helicopters?
The chances of having vertigo on a helicopter flight are minimal! As a matter of fact, vertigo occurs only when you are on the ground, which is not the case with a helicopter ride. This observation is regularly confirmed by our passengers.
What do you suggest for someone who has a fear of flying?
Every year, we have guests who are afraid of boarding the helicopter (usually people accompanying their friends or family to their flight or people who wish to face their fear of flying). Every guest who has chosen to embark on their flight and face their fear has come back satisfied and ready to do it again!
What speed does the helicopter fly at?
Our aircrafts fly at an average speed of 200 km/h. However, this is not the perceived speed. Since helicopters are very stable and your visual references are far away, you will not feel like you are flying quickly. You will have lots of time to take in the beautiful landscapes below.
Do helicopters plummet if the engine fails?
No. A helicopter, even without a motor, will glide very well and land smoothly in even in restricted spaces. Our pilots practice all emergency procedures every year because the safety of our passengers is our highest priority.
Are your helicopter tours guided?
Yes. Throughout your whole flight, the pilot will tell you about each Charlevoix attraction as you fly overhead.
Is there a fixed daily flight schedule?
No, you may choose the departure time that works for you, as long as it does not conflict with a pre-existing reservation.
Is a reservation required and if so, how far in advance should I reserve?
Yes, we strongly recommend that you make a reservation to ensure your desired time is available. Although there is no recommended time frame for reservations, the earlier you reserve, the greater chance that your preferred day and time will be available.
What happens in windy or bad weather conditions?
The wind must be very strong in order to affect your flight’s departure.

Storms, intense rain or snow, and poor visibility are the main weather conditions that compromise flights. It is up to the pilot to decide to continue or cancel a flight. If the pilot decides to proceed with a flight, the weather conditions are sufficiently good enough to fly and provide you with the desired Héli-Charlevoix flight experience. If the pilot decides to cancel, we will reschedule your flight at a time in the future that suits you. If, for whatever reason, there is no time in the future that will work for you, your flight will be cancelled with no charge.

May I cancel my flight and if so, are there any fees that apply?
You will find more details in our cancellation policy by clicking here. If a cancellation fee does apply, you may convert it into a gift certificate of equal or greater value.

All flights cancelled by the pilot due to poor weather conditions will be cancelled at no charge to you.

May I bring my camera?
Yes, you may bring a camera on your flight. We also offer the opportunity to have a high-definition film of your flight taken for a small extra charge. Bring your helicopter experience home with you on DVD!